Grassroots Coalitions: Harnessing The Power of Exponential Lobbying

Whether you employ a grassroots component for your GR campaign, or anticipate the need to do so, we guarantee you that at some point in your career you'll be asked to use this vital capability. Don't wait until then to learn grassroots best practices.


GRA is pleased to offer a webinar, sponsored by Phone2Action, "Grassroots Advocacy – Harnessing the Power of Exponential Lobbying", to focus on the building of coalitions for grassroots campaigns. The 2020 legislative cycle is here and you won’t want to miss this invaluable webinar to ensure your grassroots advocacy campaign is on the right path to success.

 Overview: Today's practitioners of government relations, lobbying and grassroots campaigns understand that to be successful in any policy debate, advocates must build an engaged and committed coalition of stakeholders. In this webinar, attendees will learn:

o How to Identify Your Various Stakeholders and Motivate Them to Join Forces
o From the Ground Up; Building a Grassroots Program for Small Non-Profits
o Creating Partnerships to Expand a Grassroots Advocacy Base
o Why Coalitions Are So Important for the Success of Any Grassroots Campaign
o Case Studies in Grassroots Success -- Best Practices from Past Campaigns You Can Adopt

Mr. Jim Hickey, President & Founder of the Government Relations Association (GRA)

 Ms. Lynne Batshon, Director, Policy & Practice, Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America

o Moderated by Martyn Griffen, Customer Success Manager for Phone2Action

Don't miss this timely and valuable webinar on how to make sure your next grassroots campaign is successful. Learn the value of building the best and most effective coalitions for your issues. Join your GRA and Phone2Action colleagues on:

Date: Wednesday February 5th, from 12:30 to 1:30

Cost: Only 
$49 for GRA Members and
 Non-Members alike

Brought to You in a Sponsorship by Phone2Action
Phone2Action is the world's leading technology company for civic participation and stakeholder engagement, powering more than 35,000 advocacy campaigns and 65 million connections with public officials.

2/5/2020 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time
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